This [DRAFT] Ascendens Asia Journal of Multidisciplinary Research Abstracts (AAJMRA) for RACE is a collection of abstracts of research papers presented during the recently held Research Advocacy for Community Empowerment (RACE): A Multidisciplinary Research Competition and Exhibition - Divisional, last February 28, 2019 across mutiple locations. 



Please note that this issue is A DRAFT ONLY and we are in the process of:
1. Copyediting (Editing of the structure, grammar, spelling, punctuation, BUT not the content/essence of the abstract.)
2. Removal of duplicate entries submitted.
3. Removal of submitted abstracts which were later requested to be retracted.

The FINAL version and published copy shall be made available by August 2019, a month after the completion of RACE 2019 Cycle 1.

ALTERNATIVELY, you may download the  draft files thru:

Published: 2019-03-19